Though very tiny, ants can become quite the headache for homeowners. So what can you do about an ant problem in Mesa, Arizona? Before you can combat these minuscule pests, you need to know what variety of ant you’re dealing with. In the Phoenix valley, there are five basic types of ants.


These are the most common you’ll find in your home and on your patio. That get up to 1/2” long and they spend most of their life gathering food and laying eggs in the case of the queen ant.


These are sometimes mistaken for termites because they nest in and eat wood. These ants bite and inject acid into the bite which can cause quite a bit of pain.


While a very tiny variety of ant, their colonies can get up to 30,000 and they eat both vegetation and human foods.


Red headed, these ants are between 1/16” and 1/4”. These ants have a stinger and both stings and bites from these insects can be fairly painful.


These ants are another stinging type. They can grow up to ½” eat vegetation. This is why they can become a threat to your lawn, garden and other agricultural areas. Now you know a little about the kinds you may see in Mesa, Arizona, but what is there to do about your ant problem?

You can try killing them on site with various methods – squashing them, purchasing home chemicals, etc. – going for the anthill yourself to find and kill the queen ant (NOT recommended for stinging or biting varieties), and keeping your home extra clean with any and all food items in airtight containers. If your ant problem consists of a stinging or biting kind or if you have vegetation-eating ants invading your home, efforts to do it yourself may be hindered.

The vast number of ants in a colony can also be a hindrance to the do-it-yourself methods and can prolong the fight against the insects for much longer. The longer the wait, the more ant eggs are laid by the queen and the more likely new colonies will be formed. Instead of trying to combat this ant problem yourself, you can also contact the professionals at Carter Weed & Pest. We know what to do about your ant problem and can get rid of any kind of ant that may be infesting your home or yard.

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