Landscaping is important for making your yard look its best. Since most landscaping is based on natural plants, it is necessary to maintain greenscapes regularly to keep them looking desirable.

Otherwise, weather, pests, and other issues can quickly make your property appear dilapidated. To keep your property looking its best, you can rely on professional landscape services.

Residential Landscaping

Nearly every U.S. home has a lawn, so landscaping is important for keeping lawns, flower beds, trees, and other greenscape elements looking their best. Professional residential landscaping makes properties look especially refined.

Professionals also relieve homeowners of the time-consuming responsibilities associated with keeping their properties maintained.

Commercial Landscaping

Some commercial properties have lawns and flower beds that have to be maintained like residential properties. Failing to keep up with landscaping can result in city fines and make a business less appealing to customers.

When commercial landscaping is done in the right way, it can act as a marketing tool to bring customers inside. Buyers prefer to work with businesses that look tidy and organized. Keeping your greenscapes maintained properly can impress customers before they even walk in the door.

Our Landscape Services

Carter Weed and Pest Control offers landscaping services that can help both residential homeowners and commercial businesses. These services can be used for mowing lawns, refining flower beds, planting trees, and other tasks required to make a greenscape look its best.

Our team is happy to work on challenging projects, and we have the expertise necessary to get any job done right.

Insect Control

In landscaping, insects are a major problem because they can eat away at the leaves and roots of plants. We can use fertilizers and pesticides to keep insects away. If insects succeed at destroying part of your yard, we can make any repairs necessary to get your yard looking better than ever. Most importantly, we can take steps to prevent insects from coming back.

Pre-Emergent Services

We can use pre-emergent to ensure that grass comes in properly at the beginning of the year or after planting new grass. Pre-emergent can make grass thicker and increase the chances of new grass growing successfully.

Post-Emergent Services

Post-emergent can be used to strengthen grass and make it look greener. Our team can apply different types of post-emergent at the right times of the year to keep your grass looking healthy.

Selective Herbicide Treatment

Herbicide can be used in lawns and flower beds to eliminate weeds. We use herbicides selectively to destroy only weeds while keeping other plants in good shape.

Local Landscaping Services – Carter Weed & Pest Control

Carter Weed and Pest Control has the expertise necessary to make your lawn the envy of your neighborhood. Contact us to receive a free estimate on landscaping services today.