There is no pest around that strikes fear into the hearts of Arizonans quite like the scorpion.  Scorpions enter our homes in search of water and shelter, but they spend the majority of their time hiding, and they are most active at night.  Scorpion control requires long term maintenance and is most effective when material application is used in combination with exclusion: 

Material Application-Treating for pests such as crickets, spiders, and roaches helps to eliminate the scorpion’s food source, making your home less desirable.  Applying material directly to harborage areas and entry points also helps to cut down populations.

Exclusion-Your technician can help to keep scorpions out of your house by eliminating their entry points.  Sealing exhaust vents in bathrooms and kitchens is one helpful, quick, and cost effective way to reduce the number of scorpions that make it into your home.  If further action is needed, looking into a whole home seal is another option.