While bees are a pest you may encounter all year around, Spring is the time they are most prevalent thanks to the warm weather picks up, flowers start to bloom, and bees become more active. 

Bees are an important member of our ecosystem, but when a hive poses a danger to you and your family, quick action is necessary.   

You may see bees in different phases, including pollination.  Pollinating bees will usually move on from an area within a few hours and don’t typically pose any danger. 

If a large swarm or ball of bees has presented itself on or in your home, or your surrounding yard, it is vital to call a professional!  Once a bee swarm has established itself inside a wall or area of your home, they will create a hive. Removal of the hive can be costly, and invasive. 

Please remember if you encounter any bee issues this summer, Carter Weed & Pest is just a phone call away.  Our experienced professionals can assess the problem, and come up with the treatment plan that best suits your individual situation.