Olive trees are some of the most attractive fruit-bearing trees grown in Arizona, prized not only for their flavorful olives but also for their many ornamental attributes. They have vibrant silver leaves that can shine and complement other plants throughout your garden. Because they grow best in Mediterranean climates with lots of sun, Arizona is a favorable climate for planting. 

However, the fruit, known as olives, are high in oil content and have a staining pigment. When they fall from the tree in the spring, they can create a horrible mess, staining sidewalks and driveways. When walked upon, the purple stain can be tracked indoors and ruin tile floors and carpeting. To make matters worse, the pollen produced by the olive tree flowers can increase upper respiratory symptoms in those allergic to these lawn ornaments. 

Safe and Effective Olive Tree Spray

Carter Weed & Pest Control offers a safe and effective way for property owners in Arizona to grow olive trees while preventing the flowers from forming. Our highly effective growth regulator can end the chaotic mess, saving you time, energy, and money spent replacing stained valuables. Olive tree spray must be applied at precisely the right time of year. In Arizona, that means sometime between January and March. Carter Weed & Pest Control’s olive tree spray provides a multitude of benefits. They include:

  • Family-friendly applications safe for families and pets. 
  • Use of the most innovative modern equipment.
  • Decrease in the amount of pollen produced, reducing exposure to allergens.
  • Over 40 years of experience in pest control
  • Licensed, trained, and experienced technicians, as required by the state of Arizona.

Quality Service Means Satisfied Customers

Carter Weed and Pest Control provide quality service based on years of experience, trust, and integrity. We set high standards for ourselves and believe only satisfied customers will do. When you want lawn care, insect control, or pest management, you want the experts who do landscaping best. You want Carter Weed and Pest Control. Call us today.