Scottsdale has a dry but warm climate during most of the year. While the surrounding desert does not produce enough water for most types of pests to thrive, there are still several pests that thrive in residential areas where lawns are watered and there are plumbing fixtures. Residents in the area also provide food for some pests whether they have crumbs on the floor and a crack under the door or throw garbage outside without putting a lid on the can.

Bee Control in Scottsdale

Honeybees are commonly seen in the area. Since flowers can survive for most of the year outdoors, the bees are attracted to them. If you have a beehive on your property, the bees may become a problem when they start stinging. Some people are allergic to bee stings and may have a severe reaction that could become fatal. Beehives are not always outdoors. In some cases, they build hives behind the walls in a home. They can enter this space if they find an opening around plumbing pipes or vents. Never try to kill honeybees or poison them. They are vital to protecting the world’s food supply and should be removed properly by a professional. Carpenter bees are larger and are known to destroy wood. They can drill holes through your eaves and other important wood structures.

Bed Bugs in Scottsdale

If you see a straight row of red itchy bumps on your skin, you may have bedbugs. They also leave behind a reddish-brown dirt substance that is their excrement. You may notice it on your mattress or furniture. In some cases, a strong odor may be present near the site of an infestation. Bedbugs are tiny, flat and brown. Since they prefer to hide and feast on sleeping humans, it is hard to find them or kill them. Bedbugs can live for several weeks without consuming blood, which adds to their resilience. They multiply fast and spread easily on clothing or in bags. You can unknowingly take them to work, school, the gym or even a friend’s home. People often pick them up in these places or in hotels.

Scorpion Removal in Scottsdale

The moisture and plants outdoors make a good habitat for prey insects, and they attract scorpions. These stinging pests often enter the homes of Scottsdale residents to search for prey or shade. Most types of scorpions will sting if disturbed. While their stings are painful, they are not a major medical concern. However, the bark scorpion’s sting is an exception. This scorpion’s sting has been known to cause adverse reactions and has been fatal in some cases. Bark scorpions are small, tan and may have a darker color on their backs. They earned their name since they climb trees and often live in bark. They will also enter your home in search of prey. Bark scorpions climb on walls, curtains and even clothing. People who are stung are usually not trying to provoke these hiding pests.

At the first sighting of these pests or any others, call Carter Weed & Pest Control. We provide a prompt inspection and effective infestation removal services. Also, ask about our preventative services to keep pests out of your home in the future and save you money. Your satisfaction is our top goal. Please call for a free quote.