Chandler is one of the most desirable places to live in the Phoenix metro area. Residents love it for the beautiful landscaping and quiet environment. The summers are hot and can be humid. However, the winters are mild and dry. Although the desert is not as kind to pests that require plenty of moisture and food, Chandler has plenty of both since it has residential areas, landscaped lawns, running water and plenty of humans.


Rats and mice are common indoor rodents in Chandler. Mice can squeeze through openings as small as a quarter. Rats can squeeze through larger openings. Both pests are often found in attics, closets and basements. They feed on any type of food. Both pests chew through paper and even thin plastic containers to get to food, which can wind up costing you hundreds of dollars to replace. Rats and mice are unsanitary since they urinate and drop feces on furniture, carpeting and cabinets. Rat urine may also contain listeria, and deer mice may carry hantavirus in their feces. Common outdoor rodents are possums and raccoons. Both can carry rabies, and they will bite if they feel threatened. Raccoons can be especially aggressive.


The worst type of scorpion in the area is the bark scorpion. It is small, tan, slightly translucent and may have a darker back. When it stings, it delivers a dangerous venom that causes adverse reactions and may be fatal in some instances. Bark scorpions gained their name because they live in trees and can climb on bark. When they enter your home in search of prey insects, they climb on the walls, curtains and clothing. People who are stung are usually unaware of the scorpion’s presence since they often hide in shoes and on clothing. Scorpions prefer shade during the day. Other types of scorpions deliver painful stings but do not pose major health risks. Scorpions usually enter your home through tiny crevices under doors, windows or around pipes.

Bed Bugs

When bed bugs enter your home, you usually unknowingly bring them there. They travel in luggage, purses and clothing. Your child may bring them home from school. You may bring them home from the gym, your workplace, a hotel or a friend’s home. Bed bugs feed on human blood, and their bites usually appear in a straight line. The bites are itchy and red, and you may develop a secondary skin infection from excessive scratching. Bed bugs are flat, tiny, brown and round to elongated in shape. Most people never notice signs of them aside from the bite bumps. However, you may see their reddish-brown excrement flakes if you look closely at your mattress. You may even see one or two bed bugs hiding between the seams. Some people say that there is a musky odor near a mattress or sofa when they have a bedbug problem. Since they are so tiny, hide well and can live weeks without blood, these pests are especially resilient.

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