A widespread problem that can affect almost any home are Bed Bugs. At the rate they multiply, a full fledged bed bug infestation can happen rapidly. Bed Bugs feed on blood and their main source of food is humans. They can inhabit beds, couches and other interior upholstery. They can sometimes be seen with the naked eye on a bed sheets or curtains etc. Beg Bugs, can travel from one place to another by getting into clothing that has been exposed to them. This can occur while one is traveling, whether the clothing is stored or being worn. If left untreated an infestation can quickly become a problem that can spread to adjacent dwellings in a building, such as an apartment or duplexes.

Treatment for this problem has become such concern that in the state of Arizona multi family homes with a bed bug infestation require inspection and treatment by a licensed pest control company.

Eliminating Bed Bugs is not a task for an individual home owner. These bugs are often introduced to an area by someone who travels internationally, but there all types of ways they can get into a home. Since Bed Bugs inhabit so many regions, insecticides sold at a local store are largely ineffective at eliminating them. This can lead to over use that is harmful to residents and pets. A professional pest control company with the training and licensing specific to treating for and handling beg bugs is needed to permanently remove them completely. The license they hold allows them to use products with active ingredients not available to everyday consumers. These products will safely eliminate these pests for good.

Carter Weed an Pest Control is a licensed and insured company which uses state-­of­-the art technologies to eliminate and manage your bed bug control problems. Using a combination of chemical and non-­chemical treatments they will to provide you with a fast and effective solution to your pest issue. Trust them to make your home to the way it should be: pest free!