Professional Pest Control has become a necessity for many residents in Gilbert to get rid of scorpions and other unwelcome critters After enjoying our warm winter months here in Arizona, we get into the even warmer months when these unwelcome visitors take refuge in our homes. Every type of insect needs water, food and a place to hide, either from the sun, or just from getting stepped on. Scorpions are found primarily in open desert areas. However as the neighborhoods expand they move into areas that used to be more open. Places like the east valley for example, are much more likely to be infested with scorpions than some other areas.

There are two types of scorpions in AZ, the Bark and the Hairy Scorpion. One is named for the short spiky hairs it grows all over its body. This species is the larger of the two and can grow up to 6 inches long. It relies on its pincer strength more that its venom, so getting pinched is a danger as well as getting stung. The other type is called the Bark Scorpion. It is considerably smaller than the Hairy, and also much more poisonous. Being harder to detect and very venomous, it presents a danger to east valley home owners. Effects of scorpion stings include pain at and around the stung area, difficulty swallowing, slurred speech and difficulty breathing. If stung, wash the area with soap and water and seek immediate medical assistance.

To get rid of scorpions in Gilbert AZ and in your home your home early. Hire local, contact Carter Weed and Pest Control today. They will know the most effective, safest way to eliminate your scorpion problem, and help keep them away in the future.