One of the things Gilbert residents have to deal with during the warmer months is keeping mosquitoes away from their yard. The nights get warmer and it’s nice to spend time out of doors. Unfortunately, the mosquito population tends to feel the same way and time relaxing on the patio is punctuated with swatting mosquitos away.

Mosquitoes breed in stagnent pools of water such as birdbaths, unused flower pots or even puddles left over after a rainstorm. To keep mosquitoes away its best to start by getting rid of any of these pools of standing water in or around your property preventing them from multiplying.

These pests are more than just an annoyance. Mosquitoes are well known for carrying and transmiting virus’s and diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and encephalitis.

There are all kinds of sprays and candles or other products used against these pests. Some of them are effective, some are less so. Some are toxic and can be dangerous if one is exposed to it regularly. Always use caution.

If mosquitoes are a persistant problem in your area and you’ve done what you can to get rid of them, consider a professional solution with Carter Weed and Pest control. Trained technitians in Gilbert AZwill assess your situation and provide treatments that will keep mosquitoes away without causing harm to you and your family. Carter Weed and Pest is licensed and insured. Both management and service personnel are knowledgeable and informed about the latest pest control techniques. Our staff regularly attends continuing education courses in order to provide outstanding service and remain a leader in pest control management.

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