Mesa, AZ, is known for having a hot, dry climate and little rainfall. This is the kind of environment that makes it hard for homeowners to keep a lush, green lawn; if you’re one of them, Carter Weed & Pest Control would like to speak with you. We were established in 1997 and are backed by over 50 years of experience, so we can take on virtually any landscaping job. Below is a sample of our services.


This is an important step when keeping your lawn healthy because sometimes the soil won’t be able to provide all the necessary nutrients; it can suffer from compaction, reducing its ability to retain water and oxygen. Our company will know what nutrients to add, in what ratio (to prevent the chemicals from burning the lawn), and at what time. We’ll come back regularly to perform a soil test and check up on any progress. Since your yard most likely has a warm-season grass like Bermuda grass or St. Augustine grass, we can fertilize it in the spring or early summer.

Weed Control

If you let weeds go out of control, they can affect your lawn’s intake of water and other nutrients, and if those weeds become tall enough, they might encourage mosquitoes to migrate to your property. To avoid these issues, you can request pre-emergent and post-emergent weed treatments from Carter Weed & Pest Control. The pre-emergent treatment can be applied several times throughout the year so that the chemical will kill the seeds just as they start to grow. If you’re thinking of seeding your lawn, we’ll advise you on how long to wait after our treatment.

Regarding post-emergent treatments, it’s important to request it as soon as you see the weeds appear. Whether you have dandelions or crabgrass, our weed killer will eliminate them without damaging your lawn. This is another service where one-time treatment may not be sufficient; we’ll create a plan that suits your schedule.

Insect Control

Pests are normal in any lawn, but there’s a limit to how many the lawn can harbor without having its health endangered. Let us come over for an inspection because we can determine what insects you have based on lawn damage. If you have wilted or dying grass, this may be the work of white grubs or mole crickets, which inhabit the soil and deplete it of nutrients. Other pests, like sod webworms and cutworms, live in the layers of thatch that grow on top of grass; they chew and weaken grass, sometimes leading to shallow roots and greater vulnerability to weeds.

Another common problem is yellow spots on grass, often caused by chinch bugs. These pests are especially attracted to St. Augustine grass. We won’t use insecticides except as a last resort because these can kill the very insects that feed on chinch bugs and other pests.

Give Us a Call

Carter Weed & Pest Control has licensed and insured applicators, and all of our treatment methods are approved by the EPA. Despite our professional qualifications and our wide service area – which includes Mesa, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas – we’re still a family business at heart. We’re committed to personalized customer care at all times, so give us a call today. You’ll receive a free quote for the necessary treatment!