Pest Control for problems with Scorpions and other invaders in Tempe Arizona and the greater Phoenix Valley is more important that ever in the hot summer months. After months of pleasantly warm months of spring in Arizona, we’re into the hot summer weather that brings d these unwelcome visitors in our homes. All types of insects need a source of food, water and a secluded place to hide, from predators and the hot sun. Scorpions are most commonly found in open desert or rural areas. However, even in the city, scorpions are still to be found in yards and even in Tempe homes. Pest control services provided by professionals can eliminate scorpions on your property, keeping you safe from an accidental encounter that could be dangerous.

In the state of Arizona the two kinds of Scorpions we deal with most are the Bark and the Hairy Scorpion. The Hairy Scorpions is the larger of the two and has short spiky hairs that grow all over its body, hence the name. This species can grow up to 6 inches long. It relies on pincer strength rather than simply its venom, so in addition to getting stung, it can give a really painful pinch. Although the Bark Scorpion is smaller than the Hairy, it is much more poisonous. Since Bark Scorpions are smaller, they may go unnoticed until they deliver a sting. Scorpion stings cause can pain at the stung area, difficulty swallowing, slurred speech and difficulty breathing. If stung, wash the area with soap and water and seek immediate medical assistance.

Make sure you and your home are prepared against scorpions this summer. Carter Weed and Pest control provides pest control for scorpions in Tempe AZ, Phoenix and the east valley. Their licensed, trained professionals know the safest, most effective ways to treat your scorpion problem, and keep you home pest free all summer. Call us today (480) 539-7250